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DGE also co-manages the Arthur Wylie Enterprises brand.

Starting his investment firm out of his dorm room, Arthur Wylie went on to oversee $475 million in assets, transactions, insurance, intellectual properties and real estate. Wylie is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in finance, and has been a licensed NASD securities principal, obtaining various securities, insurance and real estate licenses during his career.

The Arthur Wylie brand is now one of the best-known celebrity entrepreneur brands in the country, being featured by leading national media outlets including FOX News, Market Watch/Wall Street Journal, and NBC, to name a few.

Mr. Wylie’s current projects are film and television development (including the seven-figure acquisition of the adaptation and merchandising rights for novels by New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree, who has been read by eight million worldwide), speaking engagements, investing, celebrity events, books and CD publishing, and real estate ventures internationally.

Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big

only the crazy and fearless win big book coverWylie is on the road promoting his book Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big, which hit #1 on, where he outlines real-world examples from some of history and present-day’s most well-known names and everyday entrepreneurs in every industry, profession, and segment of the economy. Only the Crazy and Fearless Win Big shows how their decisions raised eyebrows, dropped jaws, and met resistance – yet proved to be right. A few crazy and fearless decisions that led to victory and success, to fame and respect:

  • People Power: Henry Ford pays his workers double the industry average.
  • Being Fearless: CEO Steve Jobs is fired from Apple.
  • How Crazy: Intern-turned-CEO Sean Combs’ $300 million clothing line beats out his entertainment business.

Through Wylie’s experience and guidance, he weaves together the lessons of these stories and more to share what it means to you and your business vision.

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